About Me

Hi, I’m Feo.

I’m a PhD student and Associate Lecturer at the Australian National University. My research interests include elections, political behaviour, representation, and Canadian politics. I’m also interested in political elites such as legislators, ministers and political staff. My doctoral research is supervised by Professor Ian McAllister and asks how the descriptive representation of ethnic minorities influences the political attitudes of members of those groups – in particular, how they feel about the responsiveness of government.

I recieved my MA in political science from the University of Ottawa in 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Kerby. My thesis examined the electoral consequences of party switching in the Canadian House of Commons (the short answer is, “it depends” – but you can read about it here!).

In general, I’m a pretty big nerd. Prior to academia, I took part in the Canadian Parliamentary Internship Programme, and have also worked in the non-profit sector. I am a proud member of the Loran Scholar community. I play a concerning amount of board games, and am the last person in the world you want on your pop-culture trivia team.