Media Contributions

I have had an opportunity to discuss some of my research with various media outlets. Here is a summary of my recent discussions.

  • December 2019: Data from the Australian Election Study shows trust in politics and satisfaction with democracy in Australia are at all-time lows. I discussed these trends with Sky News, ABC News and SBS News after the launch of the AES data.
  • November 2019: On the Democracy Sausage podcast, we discussed the 2019 Canadian election, Australia’s Labor party and Scott Morrison’s clampdown on protesters. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Simplecast.
  • May 2019: I was interviewed by SBS News during the 2019 Australian federal election. We discussed why the Australian Parliament has so few non-white legislators, as well as some of the barriers that keeps candidates out. You can find the news story here.
  • May 2019: Patrick Dumont and I wrote a story for The Conversation about the ideological position of independents running in the 2019 Australian federal election. We find an interesting spread, with most positioning themselves somewhere between Labor and the Liberals. You can read more here.